We specialize in business insurance and total needs marketing. Most business customers also purchase their home and auto insurance here as we represent many excellent markets for personal insurance as well.

What you will find from all of us at Epic One is a general interest in YOU, and your insurance needs. Our hope is to continue our BEST COVERAGE – BEST PRICE mantra that we have emphasized since the beginning. Coverage tailored to fit your needs is our goal. It is then a mutual effort for both of us to fit the coverage to what you want to purchase and what you might want to self-insure with higher deductibles, etc. No high pressure, no games. Straight forward communication is another trait you will experience with us.

If you are a current client, we are always available for review and updating. If you are a new, potential client – give us a try. In an environment of instantaneous information via the web, it is often to your advantage to have a conversation with an expert. We can move with the speed of today's technology but we also always have the time to discuss your needs when it comes to insurance!!